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Welcome to the India Gallery. Here you will find photographs and snaps of Indian architecture, tourist places and scenic beauties. The photographs are either taken by me or drawn from other websites and they can be used only under following rules.

1. You must always provide a link to my site in all the pages where you will use the photos.

2. To provide the link use the following HTML code:


  <!Begin Link to india info centre Page-->


<a href="">

<font size="+2">Photos courtesy</font>


<!End of the link-->

3. You can also right click and save a Banner and put it in all the pages of your site where you'll use the photos and link back the banner to . To see my banners click here

4. Place the code or my banner at a place where visitors can easily notice it. Always email and inform me when you complete the above processes.

If you have read the rules click here to go to the India Info Centre Gallery Subsite

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The midi titled "Tabi no Totyu de" playing is performed by Yuko Ohigashi and used with permission. Click below to visit her website.

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