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Hobby Lovers here we come,
Get off that couch and have some fun,
Too much tv and you'll get crazed,
Not that you already aren't!
Xena, Hercules, Angel, Buffy,
Aero Smith, and Disney too,
We're not done so shut that too!
Dragon ball Z, and Fairies come,
Smell the Petals on the run,
When you hear that Joxer coming,
run away before you're done,
Cheer those cheers you want to cheer,
We're all here so you can cheer!!!!!!!!

Well I started at Funbattles with the Hobby Lovers Team and I won the first level convincingly. But in later rounds now I am facing stiff competition.


Well this is the first award that I won after winning the first round. Isn't it gorgeous? Thanks Slayer for the Award. By the way continue to check out this place. It will grow as I further advance into the competition.

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The midi playing is titled Cho Cho and is copyright ©Yuko Ohigashi

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