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Chef Bunny's Indian Recipes

Hi there. This is Chef Bunny speaking to you. Who is Bunny? Come on, now don't tell me you don't know who I am or how I look like. Well you've already seen my picture on this page. I usually don't like to go out much. I'm an introvert by nature. And I keep the recipes to myself. To be more precise I usually have my own recipes and also use recipes which Boomboom's mother cooks. Now again, who the hell is this Boomboom? Well that's the webmaster of this whole site, India Info Centre. He's my bosom pal. He's a very nice boy but very naughty. He's also fat..... naturally, after all he loves food like anything. When suddenly today he had this idea of starting a recipe section for this site on India, he just dragged me into this task of getting recipes for him. And he said plainly, all the recipes must be Indian. Now that put me in trouble. Not that I don't know Indian food, but you know the Indian Cuisine is so vast that to select a few items is a grave injustice to the cuisinaries of India. Still I put here some very good items. I'll just keep on adding new items so you have to check back soon. There's a variety here. Both veg and non veg served here. I'll share a secret, I've stolen some recipes from Boomboom's mother. Hihi. never mind. So enjoy fooding. Just click on the recipes Button below. And also after reading each recipe, you can press the back button to return to this page. Bye.


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